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Project Management

There are many technical and logistical challenges at each stage in the development and operation of a wind farm, navigating these challenges requires experienced project management and technical proficiency. To ensure project success, our team utilises a cost effective management strategy, focussing on risk management and operational efficiency.

  • Full Scope Retrofit Campaign

  • Punch List Works

  • Project Phase Handover Support

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Quality Assurance

Having clear and present insight into the health of an operational wind farm is an advantage that protects clients against costly downtime due to a lack of quality. A key element for clients during construction is having assurance that work being produced is meeting quality standards. Our assurance walk-down generates an in-depth report offering peace of mind and facilitating the effective delivery of project milestones.

  • Operational Assurance Walk-down

  • End of Warranty Inspection

  • TOC Handover

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Consultancy Services

At Dynatech we possess a wealth of practical experience allowing us to guide our clients from initial site set up and construction, throughout the O&M phase and onto decommissioning preparations. We offer full scope consultancy applicable across the lifecycle of wind farm assets.

  • Document Implementation & Review

  • Lean Process Improvement

  • Risk Management

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Worker in bright green uniform shot from back is going by snow field toward remored wind t

Personnel Solutions

People are at the heart of what we do, our personnel are selected for character as well as skills and experience. At Dynatech we instill True Ownership in our professionals, ensuring seamless integration with site operations. 

  • Technicians

  • Supervisors & Management

  • Client Representatives

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