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This is Dynatech

Dynatech Renewables is a UK company based in the North-East of England, established with great ambition, our founding partners draw on over 20 years experience installing and managing wind farm assets. We are a service provider to wind turbine manufacturers and asset owners, offering Project Management and Quality Assurance solutions among other services. Dynatech is proud to be part of the global transition to a sustainable future.

Our Mission

To inspire our clients and colleagues in believing that operational excellence is possible, with True Ownership in what we say and do, at every level.

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Value Proposition

We believe that excellent results are delivered  when underpinned by strong values:

True Ownership

Different from accountability as it is not implemented from the top-down, True Ownership works from the bottom-up, in that every individual at every level has the opportunity to take True and complete Ownership of everything in their world. The antithesis of passing the buck, this principle is at the core of the Dynatech ethos.


Psychology tells us that human beings have a fundamental drive to form lasting relationships, to belong. This is true of professional relationships as even the largest corporations are, at root analysis, made up of people. We know that the best business is done while standing on the shoulders of the best relationships, we promote strong professional connections through transparency and honesty. We believe this approach helps to align incentives for everyone involved.


Characterized by vigorous activity and progress. The rapid growth of the wind industry requires an ability to improvise and adapt efficiently, Dynatech is nimble, agile and able to respond to ever changing market demands. Dynatech is dynamic by nature. 

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Our Vision

Looking ahead, we aspire to grow into a revered international organisation with strong relationships spanning the globe, our team will expand in diversity and expertise to help meet the planets need for a carbon net-zero future.

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